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IFB Washing machines service

Just like any other home appliance, the IFB washing machine, of course, repair sometime. If you visit our website, then most likely something happened to your washing machine. Call 8870933491, we will be happy to help.

It must be said that almost 10 technicians of our service center work in Coimbatore region. Each of our technicians is assigned to a specific area of Coimbatore. That is, to get to you, he needs a maximum of about an hour. It sometimes happens that the IFB Washing Machine technician is on a call right now. In this case, he will go to you as soon as he is free (the longest is a major overhaul, it takes about 3 hours). All our mechanics are veteran IFB washing machine repair technicians. For example, one of our specialists has only been changing bearings for about ten years. Achieved serious heights of skill. Most of the craftsmen are generalists, they will quickly and efficiently make repairs to the IFB washing machine right at your home.

In the case when the repair will be difficult, when it will not be possible to carry out at home, then our service center is at your service. Thanks to the use of all the necessary tools and equipment, we will very urgently carry out the repair of IFB washing machines.

You can do some types of repair work yourself, they are listed in the instructions for use of your IFB washing machine. If an error code is displayed on the indicator of the electric washing machine, then in a conversation with the master, name this code.

Do you need a quality repair of IFB washing machines with a reliable and long-term official guarantee? Do you want to be calm that after the departure of the service worker the machine will not burn out and flood you and your neighbors? Then pick up the phone, the number of the dispatching service of our Service Center 8870933491.

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